Cavalier Cavalry Productions

The final iteration of Pengo, Inc., 1987.

Welcome to the home of Cavalier Cavalry Productions, Bakersfield's home of eccentric Sci-fi, Catalyst role-playing games, and comics. Inside is some of the inspirations, adaptations, and hallucinations of the local gaming group. Here is where those stories, art, and miscellenia are shared.

For Battletech, we feature the Aerotech 2 Miniature Rules Guide. This guide was assembled to take the very fine system of outer space combat off the hex mat and onto a wide open board. We plan on using this system at the annual Aerotech 2 Warship Worship Game at Comic Con San Diego, 2011.

In addition, there is the street maps of the various communities of Solaris VII, including a recreation of the original map of Solaris City. Available in a scaleable PDF, and free for download.

Comics, as always features the smash breakout WebComic hit MINIATURE RULES, an irreverent look at the Battletech Universe. Follow along with Lootbag, JHB, the Capellan Twins, Mopar, the Wobbie Horde, and the Wolverines as they stumble through a slightly less... or more believable look at the future.

CROSSING BIFROST will tell short, serialized stories of a special operations company during the Word of Blake Jihad. Hoping to capture that same mix of drama and comedy that M*A*S*H had, look for some of your favorite Miniature Rules players to appear, but don't always expect that things will turn out ok for everyone. It's the FREAKIN' JIHAD, OK?

Other comics include Cavalier Life, a look inside the creative process here; and Bread Box, a C=64 nostalgia comic.

In films, right now we just have two sections loaded for bear. In MechFlix, we have our little comedy skits as well as serious discussions about elements of the CBT universe. In addition, the For The Family section has image montages of The #Babylon5 Channel gatherings, and our departed friend Terry Levon Cranfill.

Our Forums are open to all, and in them we hope to offer a means for feedback to Cavalier Cavalry, a message board for the Kern County Battletech Community, an online Shadowrun campaign (eventually), and a community for all of those who wish to join to share in any and all of the above or other pursuits.