Cavalier Cavalry Productions

It's Horde of Small Chevrolets, or People on Horses Who Don't Care.

Robert S. Frank II: Producer.

Douglas C. Glendower: Director.

Miniature Rules (Writer, Photographer, Layout, Painter)
Red Array (Writer, Photographer, Layout, Painter)
CROSSING BIFRÖST (Writer, Photographer, Layout, Painter)
MechFlix (Writer, Director, Editor, Actor, Host)
Infinity: Minus One (Writer, Director, Editor, Actor (Pvt. X. Harris))
Star Trek: Discovery (Writer, Director, Editor, Actor (Capt. Steven April))
BreadBox (Writer, Layout)
Cavalier Life (Contributing writer, Target)
Bad Foundry (Writer, Editor, Machinimaist)
Notes to Strike a Chord (Writer, Editor, Machinimaist)
Inappropriate Alesthane (Writer, Background Artist)

Opalin Pickens

Cavalier Life (Writer, Layout, Modeling)
Star Trek: Discovery (Actress (Cmdr. Olesia Ciryatan))
Infinity: Minus One (Actress (Pvt. Oya))
Miniature Rules (Painter)
Inappropriate Alesthane (Writer, Character Artist)

John D. Hallum

Miniature Rules (Painter)
Red Array (Painter)
Infinity: Minus One (Contributing writer, actor)
Star Trek: Discovery (Actor (Lt. Cmdr. Kenyan Thornton))

Lance R. Hughes

Miniature Rules (Painter, Assembly)
Infinity: Minus One (Actor (Pvt. Eagle Eye))
Star Trek: Discovery (Actor (Lt. Mark Laroque))

Fred Richards

Miniature Rules (Painter, Assembly)
One Hex To Live (Writer, Photographer, Layout, Painter, Compositor)
MechFlix (2nd Unit Director of Photography)